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NewLife ™ Cleaning

CTS Industries / NewLife ™ Cleaning

New Life™
Cleaning Technology

After many requests from customers who know their anilox rollers are in need of a thorough cleaning, CTS Industries has designed a system to take care of just that.

NEW LIFE™ Anilox Inspection – Cleaning Technology is available for narrow web anilox rollers.

With our exclusive design system we can guarantee the deepest cleaning of your anilox roller without use of any abrasives or agitation.

Included with CTS Industries’ exclusive NEW LIFE™ Anilox Inspection – Cleaning technology:

  • Before and after  P.A.R.T should read cell volume testing
  • Anilox inspection report
  • Packaging for storage

You can be guaranteed of top quality care and inspection of each anilox roller when it comes into our facility. And, why not? After all, anilox rollers are what we make… all the time!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Each anilox roller should be less than 36” in overall length.
  • Aluminum rollers cannot be used for this process
  • Available for Laser Engraved Ceramic