New Life Cleaning

New Life Cleaning

NEW LIFE™ Anilox Roller Inspection –
Cleaning Technology


New Life Analysis
  • Do you have anilox rollers in your facility that look as if they have lost all of their life expectancy?
  • Do you have anilox rollers cleaned in your system that are still plugged with ink? Or, are you looking for a company who will make sure your anilox rollers are clean, volume tested, and re-packaged back as good as new?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if an anilox roller company did this?

It’s been done!

After many requests from customers who know their rollers are just dirty and need a good thorough cleaning,
CTS Industries has designed a system to take care of just that.

NEW LIFE™ Anilox Inspection – Cleaning Technology is available for narrow web anilox rollers.

With our exclusive design system we can guarantee the deepest cleaning of your anilox roller without use of any abrasives or agitation.

Included with CTS Industries’ exclusive NEW LIFE™ Anilox Inspection – Cleaning technology:

  • Before and after P.A.R.T. cell volume testing
  • Anilox inspection report
  • Packaging for storage

You can be guaranteed of top quality care and inspection of each anilox roller when it comes into our facility. And, why not?
After all, anilox rollers are what we make…all the time!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Each anilox roller should be less than 36″ in overall length.
  • We are accepting laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers only at this time.

Please call us for an RA# at 1.800.334.7117 or 770.748.3497 in the US or Canada.

Need an intensive cleaning program? Don’t have one? Call us at 1-800.334.7117. We’ll put you in our NEWLIFE™ Cleaning Technology program.

NEW LIFE™ Anilox Roller Inspection - Cleaning Technology       NEW LIFE™ Anilox Roller Inspection - Cleaning Technology

Following these tips will insure a longer lasting investment for your anilox roller.
If you have more questions, please give us a call! 1.800.334.7117.

Pro-Lite Anilox Rolls
Keep the box the anilox roller came in as a storage container and/or to ship the roller back for cleaning.
Pro-Lite Anilox Rolls
If you have anilox roller covers, please wrap the roller in the cover while it is not being used. This prevents dust and debris (a life shortening culprit of the anilox roller) from getting on the anilox roller. Once a doctor blade scrapes against the debris, a scarred roller is inevitably going to show!
Pro-Lite Anilox Rolls
Remember, a fine screen count anilox roller’s worse enemy is an old doctor blade with lots of pressure! Be sure to use a new blade every time you put your fine line anilox rollers in the press and the blade should barely “KISS” the anilox roller.
Pro-Lite Anilox Rolls
Keep the anilox roller free from dried ink. Clean your roller as often as possible. We recommend every time the roller comes out of the press, that a good wipe down with a non-caustic cleaner and a white lint free cloth followed by rubbing alcohol to evaporate the water (preventing dry spots) is a good intermediate cleaning in between your intensive cleaning program.

Anilox Roller Cleaning Service from CTS includes inspection, deep cleaning and reconditioning using our New Life™ cleaning technology.