Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls

Admiral Pro-Lite HD™ Series:

Every time one of CTS’ PRO-LITE™ anilox rollers enters a printing facility for the first time, our immediate feedback is “Our operators love it! The print quality is excellent.”

Pro-Lite™ Narrow Web Anilox Roll Benefits include:

  • One person can handle CTS’ Pro-Lite™ anilox roller
  • Less weight – less shipping costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Less lifting and operator fatigue
  • Better bearing life – less pressure
  • Low inertia allows the anilox roll to start and stop more easily


XG Force Warrior Series

Warrior™ Series

It works in the trenches day in and day out, constantly fighting for the best ink lay down and the most satisfied customers in the industry. It’s our extremely competitive designed version of the conventional anilox roller. Over 75,000 Warrior™ anilox rollers…and never giving up !

Contact CTS today to solve your printing problems with the innovative Admiral™ Series and Warrior™ Series of Anilox Rollers.



Need an intensive cleaning program? Don’t have one? Call us at 1-800.334.7117. We’ll put you in our NEWLIFE™ Cleaning Technology program.

NEW LIFE™ Anilox Roller Inspection - Cleaning Technology       NEW LIFE™ Anilox Roller Inspection - Cleaning Technology

Following these tips will insure a longer lasting investment for your anilox roller. If you have more questions, please give us a call! 1.800.334.7117.

CTS Anilox Rolls product line includes the Admiral Pro-Lite HD™ series that weighs 75% less than a conventional roller for long press
life with less operator fatigue. The Warrior™ Series is our competively priced roller with over 75,000 in use today.