Technical Data

Reasons to Select CTS Industries
as your Engraver

  • We are a complete Engraver, as well as manufacturer of Anilox rollers
    • Our state of the art lasers insure you of quality engraving that surpasses industry standards
    • With our Ultaflow™Engraving specs, we offer the printer capabilities of
      • Four Color Process
      • Lenticular Film
      • RFID Technology
      • Shrink wrap
      • UV Coatings
      • Everyday conventional Water and UV ink applications
  • We’re family owned
    • Our CEO prefers engineering over marketing; this means you benefit from anilox rollers that can generate over 1 billion impressions
    • Which means you will talk to someone who has a definite interest in your success


30 years of original clientele investment in quality relationships in the industry

  • We’re Unique…
    • CTS Industries is totally responsible for every aspect of your product
    • All narrow web anilox roller bases are manufactured in our plant in Cedartown, Georgia

Ask for a video of our facility. We’d love to share it with you!

**SMALL enough to work with each individual customer…LARGE enough to impact industry standards…

Our many thanks to ALL of our customers who have brought us here!

CTS Industries is a turn-key Narrow Web Engraver who provides laser engraved ceramic and chrome Anilox Rollers,
our Mechanically Engraved Rubber Rollers are manufactured by Roller-Tec Inc.