Ultaflow Engraving

What is Ultaflow™?

  • > CTS Trademark

  • > Geometric cell configuration based upon university and independent studies for producing excellent ink release

  • > Runs wetter in ink fountain

  • > Resists clogging better than conventional engraving

  • > Quicker clean up

  • > Excellent pairing with doctor blades

Large Solids & Coating
Solids, heavy line printing, flood coating, uncoated paper, U.V. coating, special applications for coating, and laminating. Many applications will find chrome advantages, due to the increased releasing characteristics, still a best choice.

General Printing
General printing of day-to-day production where 10 pt. type and general application of art for flexo printing is the main rule. Block type medium reverses, etc.

New Benefits of Ultaflow Laser Engraving
Advanced angle and cell characteristics allow much of the general printing as well to be accomplished with the 360 LPI at 4.6 BCM or a recommended range of 4.0 to 5.2. 8pt. type, 85-line screens, great on some reverses, holds color well. (Metered with blade or doctor roll.)

Continuous Tone
The 600 has become the most popular screen for tone printing today. Replacing the 400 and 550 of years past, the 600 delivers the same volumes of 2.5 BCM. The 360 and 400 are still popular, with the 360 more often the preference for general printing as well as tone. The 400 is still an excellent choice with a volume of 4.0 BCM for screens up to 110 Lpi as well as some U.V. inks.

Four Color Process & Challenging Applications
Engravings available up to 1200 lines per inch and volumes down to 0.9 BCM or cell openings of 20 microns with depths of 3 and 4 microns. The 800 is most popular at 2.0 BCM; the 1000 is becoming more popular. The rule to remember is the finer the Anilox screen and lower volume, the more demand on the press, ink and paper, as well as the artwork and operator.

All volumes based on depth to opening ratio, 60 degree angle, and water-based inks. Higher cell volumes other than listed may be accomplished.

Please contact customer service for information related to UV inks/coatings.

Screen counts below 100 lpi and above 1200 lpi are quoted based on individual need. Please contact customer assistance.

All final engravings are accompanied with CTS Industries’ exclusive P.A.R.T Analysis.

Anilox roller screen engraving requirements are determined from our cell volume chart. CTS Industries considers the press, ink, paper and print volumes to engrave the exact roller for your narrow web printing needs.