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What is Galvanic Corrosion in an Anilox?

CTS Industries / What is Galvanic Corrosion in an Anilox?

What is Galvanic Corrosion in an Anilox?

PRO-LITE™vs the competition’s base. You get what you pay for.

What is Galvanic Corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion can occur when two dissimilar metal materials are electrically connected in a corrosive environment.

As an anilox example, let’s use stainless steel journals and aluminum tubing walls.

When stainless steel is joined with aluminum and submersed in a high pH environment, aluminum(the weakest of the two metals)will begin to deteriorate.

In a cost-conscious world, manufacturers make concessions when building a lightweight roller to hold up to the print life of the original LPI on the anilox. In other words, when the engraving is worn and no longer useful, so too will be the base.

However, if the intention of the printer will be to send the worn engraving out for reconditioning, the printer will be surprised to learn the integrity of the base has been compromised with rust, oxidation, stress cracking, or pitting.

Anytime an anilox roller is submersed in water, or another conductive solution, the material must be strong enough to create a uniform resistance from corrosion.

With two different metals, in this case, stainless and aluminum, the water will begin to attack where they are joined, causing the contracted areas to lose strength, weakening the cylinder, and making it very difficult to rework at a fair price.

When using a similar material throughout the base, as with PRO-LITE™, the anilox roller is capable of printing, cleaning, and repeat reconditioning capacities for several years, giving the printer a much higher ROI.

Anilox rollers are expensive. Get what you pay for. Questions to ask when purchasing a quality anilox base for your engraving:

  • Ask what types of material the anilox base is manufactured with.
  • Ask for a warranty or guarantee of reconditioning an existing base without additional base charges.

Carol Mercer
Operations Manager
CTS Industries

408 2nd Street ~ Cedartown, Georgia 30125 ~ USA

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