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In today’s printing industry, every flexographic printer wants to make sure the correct anilox rollers are used for the applications being printed. Thinking about this, we have listed guide lines used in today’s printing industry to assist printers in choosing their own set of anilox rollers to create a printing spectrum available for the most popular printing applications in the industry today.


We can assist you with volume and LPI choices at your convenience. Our customer service department has an account representative for your territory to work with you to guarantee the best choice for you. Available by phone 1-800-334-7117 or email for a direct reply from your representative:

Lines Per Inch (LPI)
from Metric

Metric Conversion Information for Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rollers and other data you may need to know…


Convert L/cm to LPI= L/cm x 2.54

(Example: 100 L/cm x 2.54 = 250 LPI)

Note- round to closest common engraving


Convert cm3m2 to BCM= cm3m2 / 1.5

(Example: 12.3 cm3m2 / 1.5 = 8.2 BCM)


Convert mm to Inches

mm / 25.4 = inches

(Example: 28.3mm / 25.4 = 1.1142”)


Convert cm to inches

cm/ 2.54 = inches

(Example: 42.3cm / 2.54 = 16.653”


KG to pounds

Total KG  X  2.20462


Pounds to KG

Total Pounds  X  0.453592



LPI = Lines Per Inch

BCM = Billion Cubic Microns

L/cm = Lines per centimeter

cm3m2 = centimeter cubed meter squared

Mm = millimeters

Cm = centimeters

KG = Kilograms

High Line Counts – LPI

Definition: High Line Counts are engravings ABOVE 700 LPI




  • Excellent for printing photo quality process work, especially skin tones.


  • Used with plate DPI of 120 to 300


  • Can be used with Doctor blade or Meter roller


  • Will wipe clean with a non-abrasive cleaner while wet. No need for scrubbing or use of cleanings tanks


  • Available in higher engravings above 1500 LPI for the most challenging press runs




  • Have a high mortality rate against worn doctor blades, abrasive cleaners, and unkempt press areas


  • Tip – change doctor blade every 8 hours for better life expectancy


  • Shorter Life expectancy than conventional engravings below 600 LPI


  • High Line Engravings are more expensive than standard line engravings. Example: 1200 LPI can take 4 times longer to manufacture than a 400 LPI.