Anilox Rollers
Anilox Rollers

Our Mission Statement

Quality through technology, and Innovation through specialization, has been our specialty since 1980

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408 2nd St
Cedartown, GA 30125
(770) 748-3497
Daily Hours: 8AM-5PM EST
1-800-334-7117 USA & CANADA

Quality Anilox Rollers Since 1980

  • State of the Art Facility
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Continuous Inventory
  • On Time Delivery
  • Guaranteed into the press

Our priority is to give customers individual support, along with the efficiency to handle any anilox volume

  • Polish Finishes to .02 Microns
  • Operator Friendly Interface
  • Block Programming
  • Automatic stone changeovers
  • Designed for the Graphics , Automotive, Anilox Roll Production, and Aerospace Industries

20 years of engineering, production, and qualification replaces conventional polishing processes with superior quality, accurate tolerances, operator equipment changeover in lightning speed.

  • Designed engraving exclusively for CTS Industries
  • Pioneer of the ProLite™ Anilox Roller
  • Continuous Inventory to meet customers’ demands

Home, and pioneer, of the original Pro-Lite HD™ anilox, we’ve continue engineering technology introducing EZ View Pro™ engraving specifications

  • Specialty Engravings for the most challenged print
  • Warranted product for peace of mind
  • Superfinishing for mirror polishes
  • Manufacturing investment

To insure correct anilox rollers are used for their printing applications, we’ve listed guide lines used to assist printers in choosing a set of anilox rollers


Two year warranty for peace of mind, and guaranteed quality into the press


The Warrior Anilox works day-in-day out in the trenches, consistently fighting for the best ink lay down.

UltaFlow™ Chart

Engravings for the most challenging printing applications.


Identify and Protect your inventory of laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls

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