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PART Analysis Sheet

CTS Industries / PART Analysis Sheet

What is a P.A.R.T. analysis?

P.A.R.T. is a Production Assurance Roll Test fingerprint analysis of your anilox roller designed by CTS Industries.

How does it work?

The requested engraving (LPI & BCM) is programmed into proprietary lasers, which calculate the correct pulse length of laser beam penetration into the ceramic’s surface.

When engraving and super-finishing is complete, the cells are inspected for accuracy and depth with a scientifically designed microscope which measures preciseness within microns.

The information is then exported into a P.A.R.T. analysis. A photo of the cells, the serial number of the anilox, the engraving specifications, along with your company name and order number is created and permanently saved as a fingerprint of your anilox roller.

The original P.A.R.T. document is inside the packaging along with the anilox roller. A copy is stored with the invoice and on file in our engraving department.

Each engraving will be accompanied with CTS Industries’ exclusive P.A.R.T. analysis sheet

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