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Quality through technology, and Innovation through specialization, has been our specialty since 1980

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Why Us?

CTS Industries / Why Us?

Why CTS Industries

Inside of our 60,000 square ft facility, we’ve designed and dedicated 30,000 square ft for base manufacturing to support our engraving machines. This enables us to keep inventory, and control the turnaround time needed for just about any narrow web design. Need a base design change? No problem! Our facility is capable of designing anilox rollers for your printing application.

CTS Industries designed the Pro-Lite™ anilox roller that has been copied by competitors since 1998. This anilox roller base is available in all anilox rollers in 10” width and larger. Life expectancy, clean up, less damage, less bearing wear,and low inertia are all direct results of running our PRO-LITE HD™ series of anilox rollers.

CTS Industries has just installed the latest engraving application available in the industry, and it is exclusive to our company! Want a 50 BCM engraving? No problem! We are excited to offer this latest technology to the narrow web industry. When we engrave our name on it, you can guarantee the volume is precise!

We have designed a super-finishing system for our anilox rollers that is used in landing gear for aerospace, and tungsten carbide in the refinery industry. Our creation and 16 years of development has allowed us the canvas to engrave applications as fine as 2RA finishes. You may view this system on our website. This system is exclusive to CTS Industries, and is not sold to any engravers.

Our company’s priority is to give our customers individual support, along with the efficiency to handle any size narrow web anilox volume.