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Quality through technology, and Innovation through specialization, has been our specialty since 1980

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Wide Web Capabilities

CTS Industries / Wide Web Capabilities

Introduction to Wide Web Anilox rollers

CTS Industries sleeves and shafted anilox cylinders are offered as completed products that include the base, ceramic coating, and engraved pattern. CTS also has the capability to recondition worn rollers or sleeves and make them like new! Our sleeve construction technology is not only lightweight and durable, but resists sleeve damage as you switch out sleeves. This provides reliable performance due to the resilience of our products and insures the life of your anilox.

Capabilities – Engraving

  • 40 LPI to 1800 LPI
  • Degree pattern = 30°, 45°, 60°, various
  • Channel Engraving = Yes
  • Elongated patterns = Yes
  • Volumes 1.0 – 100 BCM

Capabilities – Machining

  • Minimum OD = 1.000”
  • Maximum OD = 11.999
  • Minimum overall length = 4”
  • Maximum overall length = 100”

Since 1980, Anilox manufacturing has been all we do, all the time. Facility located in Cedartown, Georgia

Engraving Capabilities

  • Minimum Diameter = 1.000”
  • Maximum Diameter = 11.999”
  • Minimum overall length = 4”
  • Maximum overall length = 100”
  • Engravings Specifications = 40 LPI – 1800 LPI
  • Engraving angles 60°, 30°, 45°, as well as special requests

Engraving Types

  • For a complete list of our engraving capabilities check out our page here.
  • Tri-Helical Engraving
    • For use with tactile varnish, and glue applications. The Tri-Helical is literally a paddlewheel for picking up and transferring high viscosity coatings. Engravings range from 40 to 250 lines per inch.
  • 60° & 30°Engraving Patterns
    • The six-sided cell, industry termed Hex pattern, with its ability to release more ink per square inch than its traditional mechanically engraved counterpart from years past, the 60° hexagonal shape is used for the majority of ink flexo printing applications today with engravings of 40 to 1800 LPI.
  • Elongated Engraving
    • With the ability to widen the traditional hexagonal pattern, the Elongated cell is best suited for flood coating and large solid dispositions. Traditionally used in volumes of 10 to 20 BCM.

Consistency, Knowledge, Accuracy

  • P.A.R.T. sheet analysis with each anilox
  • Repeatability of any previous engraving
  • Manufacturing processes in house w/ Tolerances held to .0001”
  • Anilox audits
  • Anilox care & cleaning training sessions


  • 70,000 square foot facility custom built for anilox manufacturing
  • In house mandrel and journal repairs available
  • Product inventory at printer request

Patented ID Technology

  • Inventor of the original ProLite™ Anilox Roller
  • Creator of the EZ View™ engraving process
  • FTA member and supporter since 1984

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