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Anilox Journal Repair

CTS Industries / Anilox Journal Repair

Anilox Journal Repair

The bearing has spun out on your anilox roller journal(shaft). Now, you’re unable to get a new bearing to press onto the shaft. Can the anilox be repaired?

Most bearing surface areas on narrow web anilox rollers average between .500” to 1.000”. And, generally, the length of the shaft can be anywhere from 1” to 12” in length.

Welding (building up) a shaft on a narrow web anilox roller can be tricky. The journals are small and can bend, or warp easily.

The cost to weld a journal is more expensive than the cost of most narrow web anilox bases is not guaranteed and jeopardizes the integrity of the engraving.

We guarantee all our anilox rollers. It is why we make so many of them. The cost of repairing an anilox roller shaft overshadows that of a new anilox roller.

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