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Anilox Rollers

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Quality through technology, and Innovation through specialization, has been our specialty since 1980

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Rubber Rollers

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Rubber Rollers

Made in America • Quality Rubber


We are the only Rubber Roller Facility that manufactures our product from start to finish in 10 days or less AND with 10+ years employment per employee here! That is what we call a true Quality Guarantee!

When we recover your meter, nip, and lam rolls, it does NOT take away from the 5-10 day lead time, including any repairs needed!

If you send in quantities of 10 or more, your center hole repairs are FREE!

27th Anniversary

Rubber Materials

  • BN (Buna Nitrile) for water-based inks
  • EP (EPDM) for UV, solvents, water-based ink
  • SL/EP (Silicone Blend) for nip rolls with release and durability
  • Sil (Pure Silicone) For those applications only for release.
  • Tint Sleeve Material EPDM 65
  • Durometers 65, 75 and 85 on meters and 60 for silicone

RollerTec, Inc. is now celebrating its 27th year of specialized service to the roller
needs of the narrow web printing industry. We specialize in rubber rollers up to 30 inches in overall length.

We promise to provide you with:

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Fair Price
  • Value


New Meter and Nip rollers are in inventory ready for shipment:

  • We keep an inventory of bases and offer an exceptional turn-around time.


Recover rubber rollers?

Not a problem! Our narrow web recovering program has a turn around time of 10 days or less

  • Journal repair? End hole repair? We do all of this in house and we cater to large quantities. Call for details 1.800.446.8475.

Journal Repair?

End Hole repair?

All repairs are completed in house. We offer discounts for quantities as well. Call for details!

Rollers up to thirty inches in length and five inches in diameter are our specialty. They include doctor / meter rolls, nip rolls, laminating rolls, tint rolls, transfer rolls and others.