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Pro-Lite HD ™

CTS Industries / Pro-Lite HD ™

Pro-Lite HD ™
Anilox Benefits

The ProLite HD™ anilox

An Operator Friendly Anilox

2 year warranty

  • Peace of mind when you order an anilox from CTS


EZ View Pro™ Engraving

  • Never guess the engraving of your anilox again. No magnifying glass needed. No need to worry about ink or chipped engraving removing the specifications. Won’t come off with a scrape blade.


63% to 76% lighter than conventional bases

         & half the weight of the competition’s

  • Lower Shipping Costs-less weight
  • Better bearing life-less pressure
  • Easy lifting-no hoist-no trolley
  • Less susceptibility to damage
  • Easier storage


Fastest delivery in industry

  • Pro-Lite HD™ bases in stock on most popular brands
  • SPC controlled process on each anilox
  • Machined at our 72,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Cedartown, GA


Free NewLife™ Cleaning for three years

  • Let us track the wear of your anilox roller. Send it in to be cleaned and bring NewLife™ back to your anilox roller!


Designed for Re-Engraving!

  • Cost savings plus you take advantage of our Pro-Lite HD™ anilox base for more years to come.

ENGRAVINGS of 50 to 1500 LPI

VOLUME RANGE from 0.5 BCM to 75 BCM

PATTERNS of 60°, 30°, 45°, & Tri-Helical